First reading of bill to draft act on establishing the Day of Direct Selling Day in Poland on 17 October


On 10 September 2015, at a plenary session, the Polish Parliament held the first reading of a bill establishing Direct Selling Day on 17 October.

The bill was proposed by the Citizens’ Initiative Committee, including members of the Polish Direct Selling Association. The draft was presented during the Sejm session by committee representative Michał Chodkowski, a partner at Łaszczuk & Partners law firm who participated in drafting the bill and in the work of the committee.

The main reason for establishing Direct Selling Day is to promote knowledge about direct selling, consumers’ rights, and ethical business practices. The initiative was supported by almost 115,000 people who signed the proposal, realizing the importance of maintaining ethical standards in business and promoting knowledge about best practice. Establishing Direct Selling Day would provide a legal framework for organizing conferences and other events, enhancing the significance of initiatives promoting values in business and an ethical attitude towards customers. Direct Selling Day would also stress the contribution that direct selling companies and sellers make to the Polish labour market.

After a discussion, the Sejm decided to proceed with work on the bill in the Social Policy and Family Committee, following consultations with the Economy Committee.