Conferences and seminars

Łaszczuk & Partners’ lawyers on tax changes from 2018


Aleksandra Faderewska-Waszkiewicz, partner, and Karolina Jesionowska, associate at Łaszczuk & Partners will hold a one-day seminar on planned changes to tax law beginning 2018. The seminar will be held in Warsaw on 14 December 2017.

The topics for the seminar include:

Planned changes in VAT:

  • Split payment
  • Central repository of cash registers

Key changes in both CIT and PIT

  • Higher threshold of single amortisation
  • New minimal income tax on taxpayers owning commercial real estate

Key changes to PIT and flat-rate income tax

  • Employees’ benefits programs: change of source of revenue
  • Higher tax reliefs (Art. 21 of PIT Act)
  • New rates for flat-rate income tax on lease

Key changes to CIT

  • Setting two sources of revenue
  • Changes to thin capitalisation
  • Limiting possibility to include expenses related to intangible services and intangible assets to tax deductible expenses