Conferences and seminars

Interim and Conservatory Measures in Arbitration


On 11 February 2015, Center for Dispute and Conflict Resolution at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw holds international conference “Emergency! Interim and Conservatory Measures in Arbitration”.

Łaszczuk & Partners’ managing partner Justyna Szpara will be a panelist during a panel discussing interim and conservatory measures after the constitution of the arbitral tribunal with regard to country and industry profiles.

The conference will discuss the institution of an emergency arbitrator: how it works in practice; what is the current state of practice of arbitral tribunals in terms of interim and conservatory measures; are such provisional measures generally effective; why parties often decide to seek immediate legal protection of their claims pursued in arbitration before domestic courts; how to make the system of provisional measures related to arbitration more effective, especially when they are needed as emergency.