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Justyna Szpara a Member of the Board of AIJA


Justyna Szpara, managing partner of Łaszczuk & Partners, was appointed as a Member of the Board of International Association of Young Lawyers – AIJA during the AIJA Annual Congress 2014, held in Prague on 26-30 August 2014.

Orsolya Görgényi, partner at Hungarian law firm Szecskay Attorneys at Law was elected new Vice President. It is the first time in AIJA history, when a lawyer from the Central and Eastern Europe became the Vice President. Dirk Nuyts, partner at Fragomen Global LLP, a Belgian lawyer based in Zurich. After a long career within AIJA, including being National Representative for Belgium and Secretary General of the Association.

Justyna Szpara has been appointed Member of the Board. Justyna has been AIJA member since 2006, she was National Representative in the years 2007-2010, Vice Chair of the Real Estate Committee in the years 2008-2011. She was a Co-Chair of the Law Course Committee 2012-2014.