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Arbitration in Poland and International Arbitration Standards


On 22 November 2012 in Warsaw an academic conference "Arbitration in Poland and International Arbitration Standards" organized jointly by the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Bank Association and the Institute of Legal Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The purpose of the conference is to compare arbitration in Poland with international arbitration standards and to present Polish arbitration experience in the context of the evolving legal regulations in the area of international arbitration.

The conference will be organized in three panels.

Maciej Łaszczuk, partner of Łaszczuk & Partners, will present the issue of “an arbitrator’s impartiality and independence – arbitrator exclusion, role of the arbitrator as a private judge rather than an attorney to a party” during the second panel on “equality of parties to arbitration proceedings” hosted by prof. Andrzej Kidyba.

The first panel on “Arbitration from the Perspective of International Regulations” will be hosted by Prof. Wojciech Popiołek and the third panel on “arbitration courts and common courts” will be hosted by Prof. Tadeusz Ereciński.

The list of panelists includes: Prof. Karol Weitz, Prof. Krystyna Szczepanowska-Kozłowska, Prof. Przemysław Drapała, dr. Rafał Morek, Maria Hauser-Morel, dr. Marcin Asłanowicz, dr. Maciej Tomaszewski, dr. Piotr Bogdanowicz, dr. Wojciech Sadowski, dr. Radosław Kwaśnicki, Zbigniew Drzewiecki, Monika Bareła.