Conferences and seminars

Arbitration: A Business-Friendly Court


Maciej Łaszczuk and Justyna Szpara from Łaszczuk & Partners and Rafał Morek, Ph.D. from K&L Gates will hold a workshop on managing arbitration disputes for the members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland. During the workshop on 31 May 2012, they will discuss the ins and outs of arbitration for American companies in Poland. They will answer such questions as:

– What do parties to a transaction have to gain by choosing to arbitrate potential disputes instead of going to the state court?
– How can the parties be certain that the arbitration agreement will be respected if and when a dispute does arise?
– How can the parties insure the selection of arbitrators who are fair, impartial, and qualified to decide the dispute?
– How can the parties influence the procedure the arbitrators will follow?
– How can the parties control the costs of the arbitration?
– When the arbitration is over and your company wins, how can you enforce compliance with the award?
– Or if the arbitrators rule against your company, what options do you have then?