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Social Media: Boosting Advertising and Communication Tool


On 9 September 2011 conference ‘Social Media: Boosting Advertising and Communication Tool’ was held. The conference discussed legal aspects of advertising in social media. The conference was organized by the law firm of Łaszczuk & Partners and Adlaw International, an international network of law firms specializing in advertising law. SAR Marketing Communication Association and the Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association were patrons of the conference.

Social media are a new and increasingly popular advertising tool for businesses. We wanted to learn about the practice—how these media can and should be used by business. We compared and contrasted the viewpoints of three groups: businesses themselves, advertising and PR agencies, and lawyers. The conference attendees took an active part in the discussion.

Jan Grygo and Paweł Chojecki were moderating the panels.

The conclusions from the event are presented in the report from the conference. [pdf]