Web portal devoted to arbitration www.arbitration.pl


Łaszczuk & Partners have launched an Internet portal arbitration.pl entirely devoted to arbitration. This comprehensive information source on arbitration available at a single Internet address highlights Polish, foreign and international arbitration legislation, a collection of judicial decisions of Polish and EU courts, and a bibliography of Polish publications on arbitration, as well as access to other interesting publications on arbitration. Users may also find information on upcoming conferences, publications, legal changes and other important news.

The website features more than 250 arbitration-related rulings of the Polish Supreme Court, regional and province courts as well as the European Court of Justice. It also features English abstracts of more than 50 rulings of Polish courts, a database which is constantly being expanded. The website contains translations of unique rulings issued before World War II.

The website includes an extensive Polish Arbitration Bibliography – the largest single collection, covering currently 750 Polish legal publications on arbitration, books and media articles, published since 1918. Alongside the original titles, the bibliography includes an English translation of the titles to make it easy for international users to search for publications.

International users will also find translations of sections of Polish legislation related to arbitration, including a complete English translation of Part Five of the Polish Civil Procedure Code, which covers arbitration.

Originally, arbitration.pl was built as an internal information source for the firm’s lawyers specializing in dispute resolution, but as the collection grew richer, they decided to share their knowledge. The website, which has been operating in Polish for several months, has been now made available as a tool via the Internet to international lawyers, judges, scholars, law students, and all other interested parties to further promote the idea of arbitration as a method of dispute resolution.

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