Laszczuk & Partners is the auditor of Media Trendy and Advertising Creators competitions organized by Marketing Communication Association SAR


Laszczuk & Partners is the auditor of those two prestigious competitions of the advertising and marketing communication community held by Marketing Communication Association SAR, verifying that the competition and voting complied to rules and regulations.

Media Innovation Competition Media Trends is organized to recognize marketing initiatives of mass media aimed at increasing their appeal for the audience and advertisers. Awards will be given to authors of the most exciting marketing solutions developed at the country-wide, regional and sector markets. Awards will be handed at a Gala on 26 April 2010.

Polish Advertising Competition is organized by Advertising Creators Club. It is open for ATL, BTL, PR, event marketing, interactive agencies, graphic studios, design studios, film and photo studios, publishing houses, creative boutiques and small advertising agencies, clients, media houses, media as well as local government bodies. Awards will be handed at a Gala on 27 April 2010. 

Laszczuk & Partners has for more than 10 years provided legal services to Marketing Communication Association SAR.